Accounting and finance

Looking Ahead: Forecasting and Capital Budgeting

Knowing when, and how, to invest in your company’s future is a skill. Fortunately for new business owners, it’s a...

A Complete Guide to Shares: Part 1

For new business owners, the concept of company shares may take on a fresh, unfamiliar significance. On the one hand,...

What Does a New Tax Year Mean For My Business?

The beginning of the tax year brings the ideal opportunity for a tax and finance health check. Have you paid everything on time?

A Guide to the Essential Software You Need to be Your Own Accountant

Regardless of size, all businesses are legally required to keep accurate financial records; but that’s not to say that ‘doing...

A Complete Guide to Shares: Part 2

All your shares questions answered here. Find out how to issue shares, how to transfer shares, and how to issue new stock.

What is a shareholder?

One step of forming a business is issuing company shares. But first, what is a limited company shareholder and what should you know about their role?

Where has your Business’s Money Gone? How to Analyse your Budgets

Businesses create budgets for a very good reason: to avoid situations where the amount of cash they require for expenses...

About Companies House

The Formations Company is approved by Companies House, so we do the hard work on your behalf, to get your company set up with minimum hassle.

What is Payroll?

The Formations Company discuss how keeping track of payroll means avoiding the time wasted in dealing with incorrect or late pay cheques and much more.

What Tax Means To Your Business – Part 2

The Formations Company look into what tax actually means for small businesses, and bring to your attention the obligations that you are likely to encounter as a business owner.