Getting started

Why use a formation agent?

Register your limited company with Companies House, or go to a formation agent? A formation agent is often cheaper and their online process is easier to navigate.

Memorandum of Association & Articles of Association

Your business idea’s in place and your members are ready to rumble. Now what? You’ve ticked off the hard stuff....

How to register a company name

This article explains everything you need to know about how to register a company name. If you have any questions, our agents are here to help.

Do I set up a limited company with Companies House or a formation agent?

When you set up a limited company, it’s an important step in starting a business. It allows you to keep...

Build A Website: Here’s How, Step by Step

Build your own website step by step Firstly, the good news for anyone with zero knowledge of coding: you don’t...

How To Set Up Your Own Limited Company

It’s important to know the process when you set up a limited company. This article will explain the steps you...

Choosing a Registered Office Address

Struggling to choose your registered office address? Here are some tips you should consider before you make your decision - by The Formations Company

Choosing a service address

As well as setting up your registered office address, which is visible to the public and where all statutory documents...

The Formations Company and Companies House

The Formations Company is approved by Companies House. That means we’re approved to deal directly with them to get your company...

Starting out with your new hairdressing business

Thinking of starting a hairdressing business? - here are the basics you need to cover and a few tips to give your the head start.