Filing Dormant Company Accounts

The prospect of dealing with ‘company accounts’ may seem a daunting one, but when it comes to dormant companies the...

What Are Assets? The Essentials of Asset Management

What are assets? Assets are all the resources your business owns or leases in order to operate. In this article, we’ll explain current and fixed assets, so you can take stock of your company as a whole.

Types of Business Ownership

What are the different types of business ownership and what benefits do each of them have? Here's a simple and clear guide.

Information about shares

What you need to know about shares including who can be a shareholder, what shares mean, how much they’re worth and how shares are issued

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What is a Franchise?

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What Does a New Tax Year Mean For My Business?

The beginning of the tax year brings the ideal opportunity for a tax and finance health check. Have you paid everything on time?

What is a Certificate of Incorporation?

When you complete your company formation with Companies House you’ll be sent a certificate of incorporation. This can either be...

Legal Plan Frequently Asked Questions

Small businesses face legal issues more than 10 times every year, but Legal Plan can help cut the costs. Learn more with our Legal Plan frequently asked questions.

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