What is a Certificate of Incorporation?

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When you complete your company formation with Companies House you’ll be sent a certificate of incorporation. This can either be electronic or you can choose to have an official printed one that you could frame and hang at your business premises. This will serve to show that your business is properly and legally formed. Basically, you’re in it for the long haul.

What is a certificate of incorporation?

A certificate of incorporation is a legal document that shows you’ve formed and registered your limited company with Companies House. This is in line with the Companies Act 2006. In essence, it’s your company’s birth certificate.

It shows the name of your company, its registered number and the date it was incorporated. It also shows the type of company you have set up and where your registered office is located. This could be in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Your certificate of incorporation and your business bank account

When you’re opening a business bank account your certificate of incorporation is one of the important documents that you’ll need to take with you. It shows that your business has been set up correctly. It also shows that it’s a legal entity in its own right and that it’s on the public register of companies.

banks have to comply with strict rules and regulations. These are specifically around money laundering. This means they have to carry out a number of checks before they can open a new business bank account. This is why you will need to take identification with you. You’ll also need the documents relating to your company formation. As well as your certificate of incorporation, these include your memorandum and articles of association (together listing out your company directors and their responsibilities) and any share certificates that have been issued.

Online or on paper?

These days most companies are formed online either through a formation agent or via Companies House directly. This means that your certificate of incorporation and the other important documents relating to your company formation are sent to you electronically. Your bank will understand this. While it is a good idea to take a print out of the certificate and other documents, it doesn’t need to be on any specific or official paper.

Getting your certificate of incorporation from The Formations Company

When you choose to register your limited company with The Formations Company, you’ll receive your certificate of incorporation electronically and with some packages, you will also receive a printed version, whichever package you choose:

  • You can add a framed version
  • Or you can have it printed on Companies House recognised paper to display at your business premises

Can we help with any other queries? Just check out our help centre for more advice and guidance on what you’ll need to set up a successful company.

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